Did you know that optimization of local listings, maps, reviews and check-in promos can help clients find you before your competitors? Local listings are increasingly used by people who are searching for products and services in their vicinity who are ready to make purchases now, both online and offline. Many local business owners have local listings (such as Google+, Bing etc.)  that have not been optimized or have missing information. This makes it more difficult for a customer to find your business online which may result in buying from a competitor.

Here's How Our Local Listing Optimization Program Benefits Your Business:

  • Allows your clients to find you easily which can lead to increased sales
  • Allows your company to offer to offer specials stimulating trial and purchase for your products and services
  • Allows your business to have a greater presence in industry as some companies have not yet optimized their local listings, map and review.

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What is SEO and Why Does My Business Need It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 90% of customers find your business by searching online. However, when customers search for your product or service, will they find you or your competition? Not sure? Let’s do a quick search. Go to Google right now and type in the keywords you feel your customers typically search for to find your business. I’ll wait…

If you’re a spa owner, a keyword phrase your clients may be searching for is “massage San Francisco”. If you’re a dentist your patients may look for “cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills”. Sure, your business may show up in search results when you type in the exact name of your business such as "Joe's Chiropractic". The problem with this type of search is it assumes potential customers already know the name of your business. What if the person searching is someone who has never heard of your business? The reality is, there are thousands of potential customers who know they need your product or service but are not familiar with your specific company. 

Search Engine Optimization is a lot like online dating.  Carey Connections uses search engine optimization techniques to play matchmaker between you and your ideal customer. Think of your Search Engine Optimization program like an online dating profile. Just as a dating profile tells potential suitors what you're offering and why they should choose you, SEO gives your customers similar information. SEO allows new customers to easily locate your business and contact you when they're ready to buy!     

Here’s How Our SEO Program Works:

Step 1: Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research to determine which keywords we will focus on during your campaign. We take a look at how many people are searching for specific keywords and how your business is ranking already.  Then, we’ll provide you with a keyword research report which will show you how may people are searching for a particular keyword on a monthly basis. We’ll work together on selecting and finalizing the keywords we will target.

Step 2: Execution and Results

The keyword research will allow us to see how competitive a keyword or keyword phrase is. Typically, after a three-month minimum you will see your business listed on the first page of Google for your desired keyword.  More competitive words or phrases may take longer.

Be skeptical of any companies who call you promising first page placement on Google for pennies. Some of the companies who called you last year are not in business this year. Please go online, check-out the companies reviews, how long they’ve been in business and their results so you can make an educated, informed decision about which company to work with.