"Very professional and caring towards customer needs. Carey from Carey Connections is passionate about her work.  She worked diligently to drive traffic to my website via Facebook Ads. I was very impressed with her knowledge. She was also very helpful and available to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Carey and her services."

 - Kristi Pasternak, Adornments


We're passionate about your success! There is no greater feeling than when a client informs us their sales are up 50% month to month after designing a new website and helping their company dominate the first page of Google. We're energized when a client shares that their holiday gift certificate sales have increased 40% year to year after we've designed a new website, brochure, social media and video marketing campaign. These results are are proof of a job well done. Imagine what we could do for your business.

 - Carey Hoffman, Carey Connections

We look forward to hearing about your results and getting your testimonial!

Carey Connections will schedule an initial marketing consultation to assess your company's needs. 


  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Local Listing Optimization
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing


We'll identify which services will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals and provide you with a menu of options.

Once you determine which services you'd like and provide us with all necessary items, we will begin executing your campaign.